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Old Mommie Blogger

Take a look into my empty nest.

My life is full of, music, arts and crafts, food love, college finance, retirement plans, old timer thoughts,old friends, new friends, lunches, exercise, gardening, midlife crisis,volunteering, Social Media,  aches and pains and all the joys and woes of what happens after the kids leave the nest.

There is so much to do. Your life does not end just because the children no longer live here.

Dinner is still served and eaten at the table, s’mores are still fun, the trampoline is still jumped on (insert Eeeek! here) and there is still lots of growing up to be done .

All mommies of adult children will tell you that although our kids are no longer tugging at our skirts they continue to eternally tug at our hearts.

My hope is that by taking a peek at my nest you will learn to sit back and actually enjoy this precious time with your young chicks and know that one day you will too be an old mom with an empty nest.

Yes, I still make snacks, finger paint, scream at the school bus and much much more.

My motto is breath and love and the rest will be easy!


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