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Tomatillo Salsa Verde

I am crazy happy that I planted these tomatillos although I bought the plants by mistake. Up to last week I knew nothing about when they are ready for picking or when they are ripe.  Once they started turning purple on the plant I panicked. Most were hollow or tiny, some  just a the shell. Last week I finally discovered a few large ones peeping past the husks (just learned that is what they are called too)

I used the same recipe I use for my red tomato salsa.

Here it is!

15 to 20 tomatillos

6 to 7 Jalapenos or more if you like it really hot.

3 cloves of garlic minced

1 purple onion finely chopped

1 tbsp of vegetable or chicken bouillon

Pinch of salt

Oregano or parsley or cilantro or whatever you have or like.. I used parsley, dill, sage and thyme from my garden.

Put all ingredients except for the bouillon into a pot of boiling water. Boil until the jalapenos are a bit tender. Don’t worry about the tomatillos they will split almost immediately.

Drain water and add all ingredients into a blender.  Add bouillon and salt then blend with the chop button for a few seconds or until well blended.

Put into jars and can as you would tomatoes.

We didn’t get a chance to preserve any since we ate it almost immediately with tortilla chips.






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