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Massage Tennis Ball

My Massage Therapist Sally Jo, gave me a tennis ball to help out with my back. Here is a link to some info:  http://www.shiatsubag.com/main/page_tennis_ball_therapy.html

Anyhoo! She said, “Take this and put it in a long sock as it is best to handle while you massage your back”.

After staring at it for a few hours (on and off) I decided it was ugly and I would beautify it somehow.  This old mommy is not the type of girl to rub a sock all over her. Not using my cute socks for that.

So I came up with this;

A cute little crocheted full colored thingamajig.

It might look funny but it is an amazing massage when you put it between your back and a wall or lay on it on your bed. Seriously!

And for the younguns that are laughing at this. Keep in mind that you too will be fifty and achy one day.


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