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“You truly bless me”

Whether you believe or not in God we all believe in love, happiness, joy, compassion, generosity and all the stuff that makes us good people. Right? If not then there is something seriously wrong with you, thus explaining why some are bombing and shooting innocent people. But I am not writing this because of the discovery of hate but the discovery of love in the aftermath of any tragedy.
The videos show so many heroes running towards the explosions to help. We saw people helping each other in so many ways. Some offered shelter, the shirt off their backs, water, juice, a hug, so many great acts of kindness caught on video. You can’t help but feel love and compassion for everyone involved.
When we heard the news of the bombings, how many of us actually stopped what we were doing and said a prayer for Boston? We say we are! We repost and retweet hashtags like #prayforBoston or #prayforNewton or any other tragedy stricken area. Do we ourselves actually stop and pray for these people? Did we mention them in our prayers last night? Are they really in our thoughts and “PRAYERS“?  Truly?

Yes, I raise my hand and say that I truly pray for people. I tend to pray before I actually tell someone I will pray for them. My thought behind this is that I am afraid something will interfere with my actual praying for them on time. What if I forget? So I just pray for them and then I tell them. That also goes for any hashtag I am professing about. It’s the least I can do.

 Monday in the middle of the horrific news from Boston I received a thank you card from a friend. One thing that stood out at that very moment was that my friend said, “You truly bless me.” I know God blesses, I know we wish people to be blessed by God. What I never actually looked at is how another person would indeed bless us. How does someone like me, a sinner, someone very new to Jesus and his word and someone with so many unshakeable flaws have the capability to bless someone?
So I went in search of what it means to truly bless someone. I wanted to see how I and others impact each other by blessing them or making them feel blessed. I looked at the definition of the word and found that definitions online are varied and some don’t make sense in the context that my friend used it (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bless).  I knew exactly what my friend meant as I too feel that certain people make me feel blessed but I never thought of them actually blessing me. Not many people make us feel blessed, in fact, most make us feel quite the opposite.
Here’s what I came up with all on my own. God blesses us and our gratitude is always to him (for those who believe), because we know for sure that he is indeed the one that is blessing us. He is love, compassion, understanding, wise, merciful, etc, etc, all the good stuff. That’s not to say that people that all people that don’t believe in him are bad. I have friends and family who do NOT believe in God but are wonderful, kind, loving and authentic people nonetheless. I feel they bless me although they don’t believe in a higher power. They are just good stock.
People that bless me make me feel powerful, brave, self assured, confident and I just want to be a better person and never let them down. Although I am far from ever being an angel, I do believe there are angels among us and I am blessed with many around me.
The bible teaches us to be Godlike. He is kind, he is love, he is wise, he is good, he is merciful, generous and so much more good stuff that I want to be and that I want around me (Daniel 2:20, Psalm 145:7 , Psalm 111:5).
In honor of all the victims of the hateful evil people with guns, bombs and awful tongues, I  vow to be a better person. I will truly try to be the person who when others hear my name they instantly know I am in their life blessing them.
My wish is that everyone that reads this will commit to do that same. Join me and let’s go out and bless people and stop all the hate and horrible feelings that we fall for in times of trouble.
Let’s truly pray for each other and if you don’t believe in prayer at least believe in love and spread it.
#prayforBoston #justpray #Godblessusall

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