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Too Old To Hire?


Dear Employers and recruiters,
There are many advantages in hiring old folks like me.
For starters we don’t have all the distractions we had 20 years ago and we are happy to fill in when you have yours.
We remember kid’s sick days, teacher conference days, soccer tournaments, and all that stuff . We get it! Some of us are just happy to support you.
Majority of us older folks don’t care about your benefits, insurance, overtime, and other incentives as much as we used to. We just want a job and to fit in.
We are not here to intimidate you with our amazing experience and win the boss with our irresistible good looks. We are here to work and take direction.
An older person is as eager to learn and train as much as anyone. Unlike you young things we don’t feel like we know it all. It’s a great new world and we want a part of it. We just want a purpose, we want to be counted, to be acknowledged, to be respected.
Please keep in mind that we have met them all, seen them all, dealt with them all. So you may want to pick our brains in how we dealt with the drama queens and kings of the past and survived it. If you think we are set in our ways, please know that we have gone from shorthand and typewriters, to stalking your asses on Social Media.
If we were stuck in our ways, you would not be able to read this as it would be on a physical paper and you don’t read that.
We old folks bring more than muffins to your business. We bring knowledge, experience, integrity, respect, and professionalism . Since integrity and respect got lost between, us teaching you how to write cursive and you interviewing us, we rarely expect it.
So when you go in another more progressive direction please know that if we weren’t progressive, you young guns would still be in diapers and sucking on our tits.
WE RAISED YOU, you ingrates!
Yours respectfully,
Older Candidate


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