Too Old To Hire?


Dear Employers and recruiters,
There are many advantages in hiring old folks like me.
For starters we don’t have all the distractions we had 20 years ago and we are happy to fill in when you have yours.
We remember kid’s sick days, teacher conference days, soccer tournaments, and all that stuff . We get it! Some of us are just happy to support you.
Majority of us older folks don’t care about your benefits, insurance, overtime, and other incentives as much as we used to. We just want a job and to fit in.
We are not here to intimidate you with our amazing experience and win the boss with our irresistible good looks. We are here to work and take direction.
An older person is as eager to learn and train as much as anyone. Unlike you young things we don’t feel like we know it all. It’s a great new world and we want a part of it. We just want a purpose, we want to be counted, to be acknowledged, to be respected.
Please keep in mind that we have met them all, seen them all, dealt with them all. So you may want to pick our brains in how we dealt with the drama queens and kings of the past and survived it. If you think we are set in our ways, please know that we have gone from shorthand and typewriters, to stalking your asses on Social Media.
If we were stuck in our ways, you would not be able to read this as it would be on a physical paper and you don’t read that.
We old folks bring more than muffins to your business. We bring knowledge, experience, integrity, respect, and professionalism . Since integrity and respect got lost between, us teaching you how to write cursive and you interviewing us, we rarely expect it.
So when you go in another more progressive direction please know that if we weren’t progressive, you young guns would still be in diapers and sucking on our tits.
WE RAISED YOU, you ingrates!
Yours respectfully,
Older Candidate


Mean Green Healthy Drink!


2 Kale leaves
2 bok choy leaves
1/2 carrot sliced
1c frozen pineapple, papaya, strawberry mix
1/2 kiwi sliced
1 medium apple sliced
1tsp raw honey
1 tsp Maca Powder
1 tsp Macha powder (green tea powder)
1 cup coconut water
In blender (we use a Vitamix) put all green leaf veggies in first. Add Coco water and blend for a few minutes. Add remaining ingredients and blend for 3 minutes or more.
Makes two quart mason jars full.
My husband takes one to work and I get the other one.
This is drink is full of healthy energy to get us through the day. I seriously feel the sluggishness the day I don’t drink it.
At night we usually have a healthy dinner.

Planting these and more this summer for our green drinks. Stay tune!

Ginger Lemonade (cold and flu buster)


I am convinced concoction healed me from the awful cough, sore throat, horrid bug that is going around.

  • 1/2 c of Ginger cut in very thin slices
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • 1 gallon of water minus 3 cups
  • 1/2c of Raw, 100% pure honey (use whatever you have)
  • frozen raspberries or blue berries (opt)
  • Juice of 5 or 6 fresh lemons (or more or less. Up to you how tangy you like).

Mix honey and ginger and set aside.
Boil 3 cups of water.
Pour 3 cups of piping bubbly boiling water over ginger/sugar and let seep for 20 minutes covered.
Meanwhile squeeze lemons and add to the pitcher with cold water.
After the ginger has sat for 20 minutes in the boiling water strain over lemon/water mixture in pitcher.
Mix well, add to a glass full of ice, add a few frozen raspberries.
It can be made as a hot drink too, Just heat in micro.
I drink at least one glass a day when I am not sick and up to three when I am in the middle of a hellish cold.

Halibut with potatoes and peppers (EASY)


  • 1 lb of small red potatoes quartered
  • 1 red or yellow onion sliced
  • 1/2 lb of sweet peppers sliced in half
  • 2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 fillets of fresh halibut (I only us wild)
  • Pinch of Italian seasonings or thyme or rosemary or anything you like on your fish. If using a rub use just a sprinkle. Let the peppers be the stars of this dish. Sweet & slightly spicy.
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • slice of lemon (opt)

Heat oven at 400*

On a large cookie sheet spread cut potatoes, onion slices and peppers.

Drizzle with Olive oil.

Bake for 27 minutes.

Take out of oven.

Immediately nest fish fillets on top, sprinkle with Italian seasoning..

Put back in oven and bake another 12 minutes or until fish is done but not over cooked.

Onions should be caramelized and potatoes should be perfect.

Take out and serve with a salad or soup or by itself with a great big glass of Chardonnay or iced tea.



Massage Tennis Ball

My Massage Therapist Sally Jo, gave me a tennis ball to help out with my back. Here is a link to some info:

Anyhoo! She said, “Take this and put it in a long sock as it is best to handle while you massage your back”.

After staring at it for a few hours (on and off) I decided it was ugly and I would beautify it somehow.  This old mommy is not the type of girl to rub a sock all over her. Not using my cute socks for that.

So I came up with this;

A cute little crocheted full colored thingamajig.

It might look funny but it is an amazing massage when you put it between your back and a wall or lay on it on your bed. Seriously!

And for the younguns that are laughing at this. Keep in mind that you too will be fifty and achy one day.